Blue Rhinestone Belt Led, Led Light Belt

Each belt is available with a chrome or bouchle a rhinestone buckle. This is the case of blue belt.

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The light blue belt, a great communication tool!

The blue belt is ideal for those familiar with nightclubs, since it gives the opportunity to differentiate themselves from each, to be seen even in the dark! A real alternative with respect to t shirts equalizer lights or LED. Choose the color of the LEDs according to your pace of the day! Many aficionados of the brand of clothing HeartJacKing have already chosen ... The belt has a blue LED screen embedded on which your ideas are disseminated. The mini lights belts greatly resistant to shocks, they have a brightness that can be seen even in the sun (not just when it gets dark).



What comes with blue LED belt

This belt is sold with batteries, which have a lifespan of thirty hours, and its attachment. See on other websites, this belt buckle is sold alone: ​​you will be asked to spend between 7 and 10 euro morefor the attachment! The clip included here is black, in sky. Maximum size of 130 centimeters, blue belt fits all statures, and both men and women!



How do the blue LED

Blue belt would not have much use without its LEDs. Choose their speed, brightness, or their kind of entertainment. Post ideas that you want, among other unusual characters through (dollars, hearts filled, suns ...). One can retain eight texts of 512 characters on this belt. It's like sending a text message, since mini buttons are present behind the screen LED. A sheet of explanations in French you will still be supplied with the product as a precaution.

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