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Dive into a world where everything is about potency and exceptional deals ! Highly psychoactive legal cannabis, HHCPO resins and hash, and also rare treasures like 60% HHC-PO Moon-Rock. Such potency available only at Heart Jacking, your party dealer, rebranded for the occasion... Hemp Jacking!

HHCP-O: A Promising New Cannabinoid

The world of cannabis continues to evolve, introducing us to new substances that are gaining popularity. Following the cannabinoids HHC and HHCP, we welcome the brand new HHCP-O (hexahydrocannabiphorol-O). At Heart Jacking, we are excited to present this cannabinoid with impressive properties.

What is HHC-PO in brief?

The HHC-PO is a cannabinoid derived from HHCP, which in turn is derived from HHC. The HHC, or Hexahydrocannabinol, and HHCP, or Hexahydrocannabiphorol, are two cannabinoids derived from the CBD molecule. All three are associated with strong effects of relaxation and euphoria, as well as other beneficial effects on the body and mind, explained below.

The effects of HHC-PO? Psychoactive, euphoric, relaxing

Products containing HHC-PO, such as Moonrocks, flowers, and resins from Heart Jacking, are beginning to appear on the CBD market and are attracting a lot of attention from scientists and hemp enthusiasts. Among the many therapeutic and recreational effects of the HHCPO cannabinoid, we can mention:

  • Mood improvement: The HHCPO is known for its positive effects on the emotional state, contributing to a general feeling of well-being.

  • Intense relaxation: Helps to relax the body and mind, allowing for deep and soothing relaxation.

  • Psychedelic experiences, sensory escapades: The HHC-PO can induce unique sensory experiences, offering a temporary escape from everyday life.

  • Pain relief for chronic pain: Effective in reducing persistent pain, thus providing increased comfort for people suffering from chronic conditions.

  • Inflammation relief: The HHC-PO cannabis molecule has anti-inflammatory properties, useful in the treatment of various inflammatory conditions.

  • Nausea reduction: Particularly beneficial for patients undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy.

  • Sleep quality improvement: The HHCP-O helps regulate sleep cycles, promoting more restful and better-quality sleep.

  • Appetite stimulation: Can increase appetite, which is particularly beneficial for those who struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

Feedback and reviews from our customers who have tried HHCPO also indicate marked effects on the mind:

  • A feeling of euphoria: Consumers of HHCPO report a feeling of good mood, joy, and ease.

  • Significant anti-stress and anti-anxiety effect, as well as a reduction in anxiety attacks: The HHC-PO reduces episodes of anxiety and brings peace of mind.

  • A sense of well-being: Promotes a general feeling of body-mind harmony and serenity.

  • Mind-opening: The HHCPO cannabinoid stimulates receptiveness and openness.

  • Enhanced creativity and inspiration, particularly due to a distortion in the perception of time. The HHC-PO brings a unique dimension to the task at hand, access to a state of "flow," and an exacerbated tree-like thinking.

HHCP-O vs. THC Potency

The HHCPO, this innovative cannabis, is 10 times more potent than traditional THC in terms of cannabinoid activity. This increased potency allows it to bind more effectively to CB1 receptors, thus spreading with strong compatibility in the body.

HHC-PO and Legality

The HHCPO is a newly discovered cannabinoid, not classified as a narcotic and is legal in France, in the vast majority of European countries, and even in the World. At Heart Jacking, we offer the strongest legal cannabis resins and flowers. Our HHCPO products, as well as the other cannabinoids we offer, THCPO, THCP, THCV, H4CBD, all have a THC level below 0.2%, as required by European Union regulations.

HHCPO, the upcoming cannabis star!

The HHCPO is a powerful psychoactive euphoric cannabis promising an extraordinary experience. We advise you to consume it with caution.

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