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Light Up Umbrella


The LED light umbrella, between safety and originality

Surprise those around you with these original umbrellas, discreet or remarkable according to your desires. This designer umbrella has the particularity of having LEDs integrated into its canopy or into its handle, depending on the model. Once lit, you will appreciate its originality. With a trench coat, for example, this banal accessory really becomes a design object.

LED umbrella: Ease of use

This designer umbrella works like any umbrella except for one detail: the cane can accommodate 3 small batteries to allow the handle or 105cm canvas to light up. In addition to its aesthetics, this original umbrella is a guarantee of safety, because it allows you to be more visible to motorists, for example. Make an original gift with these designer umbrellas Heart Jacking. To be found in 2 versions below.


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