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Release in July 2011: T Shirt Equalizer: the latest trend of trendy parties

The information in this release are available for media. Please click here to visit our website: www.heart-jacking.com . Of high-resolution photos are available at the bottom of this page. Simply click on the picture you want, then "save as".

Voiron, France, July 2011

Heart jacking, the clothing brand with pop colors, just completed the posting on its website www.heartjacking.com a great innovation: the t-shirt equalizer lights.

The equalizer t-shirt is a blend of fashion and high technology: the logo t-shirt glows and vibrates with the intensity of the music. The greatest personalities of the night and best event agencies have already adopted.

The t-shirt equalizer reacts to his

The t-shirt equalizer lights is a concentrated fashion and high technology, this shirt is for a customer trend. The bright shirt equalizer lights up and vibrates with the intensity of the music. Thus, a design that responds to sound makes it the world's premier garment of the night. All this is made possible by an electroluminescent logo,a sound sensor and a power supply. Many will wonder how to wash this shirt, do not worry! All electronics stands to put only the tissue machine.

The t-shirt equalizer lights, for whom?



This every weekend in the biggest clubs in the world, the tee shirt equalizer Heart jacking is acclaimed first by the jet set, who loves disco display the latest trends. The greatest DJs and other personalities (singers, actors, sports ...) Heart Jacking support in its development. Include recent example Fergie of Black Eyed Peas, Jose Garcia, Jesse Spencer (House MD) ... Especially qu'Heart Jacking offers custom tailoring tee shirt light. This is how the t shirt equalizer Heart Jacking also established itself in the event agencies and communication, where it is necessary to innovate and differentiate themselves constantly to be remembered.

Discovery of the concept

In 2006, Alexander HEAD goes to the U.S. to find new inspirations for Heart jacking. An on-site engineer friend shows him a plate light, which, coupled with a sound sensor, becomes animated by the power of decibels. The young graduate of a master's degree in marketing with him back then thisplate complex matter and yet the secret to put on clothes. Besides being the inventor of t-shirts equalizer for ready to wear, the Heart marks Jacking recently acquired the exclusive license of those t-shirts for the French, Swiss and Belgian. She has made this garment its competitive advantage, but only as a mark of light t-shirts. Heart Jacking is an innovative, continuously improving its products.

About Heart Jacking

Jacking Heart (HJK) is a ready to wear and trendy French, created by designer Alexander HEAD. The brand comes in two axes:
- A range of "pop" oriented music, referring to the colorful pop art, the famous pop music is born with the biggest stars and the word "pop" in English can be translated as "have style"
- A more conventional range.

Heart jacking is distributed:
- Internet site of the brand, https://www.heartjacking.com, the site of distributors and market places
- In point of sale (twenty stores in France and abroad) through a network of sales agents.

Press Contact

For any further information or interview requests, you can directlyContact Mr. Alexander HEAD:
E-mail: contact@heartJacKing.com
By phone: 04 76 06 94 87
Fax: 0483075943
By mail:
17 rue composts
38500 VOIRON




July 2011 release: the Equalizer T-Shirt: the new trend in clubs

Given Communicated and information are reserved to media. Please click here to see our website: www.heart-jacking.com . High quality pictures are available below. Click on it, then save it You Can.

Voiron, France, July 2011

Heart jacking, the french clothing brand is Launching from now we have major new feature: the equalizer T-shirt. It is available on ict website: www.heartjackingstore.com icts-through and network of official dealers.

Equalizer T-shirt is a mix of fashion and high-technology: lights and animates logo Tshirt soi FOLLOWING intensity you're listenning to music. The Greatest and Most Famous personalities, stars and best event adopted Interpretation Agencies Have Already it.

The equalizer t-shirt is sounof sensory

The Heart Jacking equalizer t-shirt is concentrating fashion and high technology, by the way, this T-shirt is very trendy. The shirt equalizer lights up and moves According To music. In this way, ict Design that Responds to sound Makes it to the dedicated night shirt. All this is due to year electroluminescent logo, a sound sensor and power supply. Many wonder how to wash equalizer t-shirt year ... do not worry! All the electronics Can Be put off so only you-can wash the fabric.

Who wears shirts equalizer?

Worn Every week in the biggest nightclubs in the world, Heart Jacking equalizer tee shirts are Favored by the jet set, who likes to wear the latest fashion clothes. The Most Famous DJs and Other celebrities and media Recognize Heart Jacking in ict development. We Can Recently the media mention of Fergie (Black Eyed Peas), Jesse Spencer (Dr. House), DJ Unk ... Heart Jacking aussi offers customized equalizer t-shirts. Heart Jacking HAS Established in soi different communication event or Agencies, where 'It Is Necessary to innovate and move forward Constantly To Be Remembered.

About Heart Jacking

Jacking Heart (HJK)is a ready to wear and trendy French brand, premium, created by designer Alexander HEAD. The brand presents Two ranges:
- A "pop" music range, with reference to colorful pop art, to famous pop music and to the word "pop" we pop, We Have Style!
- A classic line.

Heart Jacking is Distributed:
- Mainly Through the official website http://www.heart-jacking.com,-through official dealers' website-through and market places
Some aim aussi en-blinds in France and Abroad, thanks to a network of agents.

Proud legacy of France in Fashion, and proud to Belong To this kind of Art, the french brand clothing Jacking Improves Heart again and again icts quality by innovating in technology and design.

In addition to Being the initiator of trendy t shirts equalizer for ready to wear, the brand HAS Recently Acquired Heart Jacking the exclusive license of ict t-shirts for the French, Swiss and Belgian Markets. It Has clothe've made ​​this a competitive advantage, it's purpose was not only brand of equalizer t-shirts.

Press Contact

For all Requests, Questions or added interview request, You Can Directly Contact Mr Alexander HEAD:
By email: contact@heartjacking.com
By phone:
+33 4 76 06 94 87
By fax: +33 483 075 943
17 rue composts
38500 VOIRON