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LED Helmets & Light Up Masks


The led helmet and LED mask for everyone

The Light Up Mask draws inspiration from music bands/DJs such as Daft Punk, LMFAO (and his robot), Deadmau5, Marshmello. .. Several months of research were needed to come up with these illuminated helmets and led masks. And for good reason, our LED helmets are little gems of technology: our robot led helmets and some of our light up masks react to sound like an equalizer, others s animate in a preset mode! The video opposite of our Daft Punk Tribute helmet allows you to understand the striking effect of our products.

More information about the LED mask and the light up helmet

Our Equalizer ® helmets and goggles have an adjusted shape for maximum comfort, and dimensions to suit any head size. The illuminated led mask sticks to the face even in motion, and of course you can see through our led helmets and illuminated masks without any problem. So if you are DJ you can mix without worry, if you are a singer, rapper, rocker you can sing, if you are an artist of another genre, no worries either to dance, move ...

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