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Light Up Sneakers

Light up sneakers: 10 models now for these real led sneakers, from the official store. Unisex LED sole sneakers, for men, women, children (boys, girls, or babies)!  Rechargeable by USB, 7 LED colors and several operating modes. Autonomy of 12 hours, the best longevity on the market.

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Light up sneakers : travel at the speed of light!

As kids, we all have the same dreams, at least for most. When the first LED sneakers were released, almost all children, boys and girls alike, wanted them.  Then these sneakers with trendy lights became harder to find, and flashing sneakers almost fell into oblivion.

Fortunately, dear adults,
men or women, Heart JacKing is proud to wake up your child's soul and introduce you to its new "So High" LED sneakers. A guaranteed effect, as shown in Azealia Banks' photos and her pair of LED sneakers.

Light up sneakers for children, boys, girls, babies and adults, men and women


Heart JacKing is proud to unveil its brand new pair of LED soled shoes: the "So High" high top LED sneakers. It is not only a light effect, these sneakers are really light up, and are almost customizable, because you can choose the color of the light diodes.

These shoes have been inspired by several pairs of basketball, each more impressive and fashionable than the next. Indeed, the Heart JacKing brand, exclusively online, was inspired by the "Back to the Future" light up sneakers, recently revived by
Nike and Booba in one of his video clips. However, there are also more classic sports shoes, like the Nike Air Jordan, Nike Dunk High, or the Supra shoes, all more stylish than the others.

high top and totally fashionable LED sneakers are unisex, in other words, they can be worn by a man or a woman, a teenager boy or girl, or even a child if the size suits. These high top sneakers are really not expensive compared to the qualities they bring. They are almost sold out compared to the swag they bring with their light up soles, and because you can wear them on many occasions.

Just because they are
decorated with LEDs does not mean that you cannot do your usual sport with them, quite the contrary: wear your LED sneakers when you run, play basketball, play football or play tennis with them, for example. Their quality is so high that you can even skate or wear them in the rain without any problem.

These high top light sneakers can be paired with jeans, trousers, sweatpants, skirts or even dresses, thanks to their colors. Indeed, the main material of our new original pair of shoes is leather, which is dyed in black, white, red, blue, pink, gold, silver, as you wish! This makes it much easier to match with your clothes!


Light Up sneakers: how they work


These electroluminescent light up sneakers work with LED diodes. This is a fairly basic principle but relatively innovative. The sneakers are really light up thanks to these diodes and alternate seven different colors (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, water green and white) and several operating modes.

This incredible technology allows the light up sneakers to
turn on for twelve long hours! This is the longest autonomy available on the market. As you may have understood, no battery is placed inside the sneakers and it does not have a short life span.

No, in fact, you can recharge these sports shoes using a cleverly hidden and virtually invisible
USB port. So, once the 12 hours are up, simply plug your light up sneakers into one of your devices with a USB port and charge them, just like any smartphone or other device. A little jewel of simplicity and practicality!

Led sneakers : Reasons to wear them

You may be wondering why you should wear Heart JacKing's "So High" high top LED sneakers? There are many reasons, but their originality and innovation prevail. These light up sneakers are not the classic sports shoes you find on Cora, Decathlon, Cdiscount, La Halle aux chaussures, La Redoute or even Foot Locker. Indeed, by wearing this shoe type, in a box for example, you attract the curious, interested or even envious looks.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can wear these
high top sneakers by adapting them very easily to any of your outfits, which allows you to wear them no matter the occasion. Thanks to the light up sneakers, you won't go unnoticed! People look at you in the street, they ask about the origin of your led sneakers. With our led sneakers, you are king of the night, steal the spotlight from your friends and without any effort. 

Of course, you won't look like a Christmas tree because the entire sneaker doesn't light up. Actually, the light-emitting diodes are located on the side of the
 led sole, and not only in the heel. In other words, the lights are visible enough to give you a great look while keeping it simple.

To spice up your outfit with a touch of originality and eccentricity,
Heart JacKing's "So High" high top LED sneakers are literally made for you. By wearing them in the city or in the night, we promise you that all eyes will be on you, and compliments will flow. We even know some people who have been able to find a partner without any effort, except to wear the Heart JacKing's "So High" high top led sneakers. Think about it ;-) !

high top led sneakers are assembled by our designer, with special attention, which makes them more unusual and exclusive! This is the latest model of trendy high top shoes. So if you don't want to be the last one to enjoy it, hurry up. These sneakers are becoming popular, buy them for yourself, or offer them to someone you truly love, for their birthday or Christmas! Promotion " Extra pair for 15 euros " above: while stocks last. A different size in stock will be shipped in case of unavailability of the requested size.

Je ne me lasse pas de ces baskets LED depuis que je suis petit,

Je ne me lasse pas de ces baskets LED depuis que je suis petit, je m'en achète un tous les ans chez vous

    Absolutely thrilled with my 'So High' LED sneakers !

    Absolutely thrilled with my 'So High' LED sneakers ! Ever since I laced these up, it's like I've been walking and dancing with a spotlight on me.

      Service réactif

      Dans ma commande, j'avais fait une erreur sur la pointure. J'ai envoyé un mail au vendeur, qui a réussi à la corriger. Très réactif

        Durable, je recommande

        Ca fait un an que j'ai mes baskets lumineuses de Heart Jacking, elles sont encore en parfait état. Je viens d'en commander pour ma fille.

          Les LED fonctionnent bien.

          Les baskets correspondent parfaitement à la description et les LED fonctionnent bien.

            These LED shoes are not just stylish but also very comfortable.

            These LED shoes are not just stylish but also very comfortable.

              Description non mensonger

              Ils annoncent 12 d'autonomie et ce n'est pas un mensonge, je les recharge à peine alors que je les porte tout le temps même en plein jour

                Chaussures très lumineuses

                Chaussures très lumineuses

                  Bright, stylish, and super long-lasting

                  Bright, stylish, and super long-lasting

                    Trop belles

                    Mes baskets font toujours tourner les têtes

                      Elegant Comfort

                      The fabric’s super soft, so it goes on easy and feels chill, and the design is sleek and chic, getting compliments from friends and even peeps I don’t know

                        Ces baskets sont ultra fashion !!!!

                        Ces baskets sont ultra fashion !!!!

                          A total game-changer for night events

                          A total game-changer for night events

                            C'est la fête aux pieds

                            En plus d'être confortables, elles ont du style, et je récolte plein de compliments

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                              Light Up Sneakers

                              Light Up Sneakers

                              Light up sneakers: 10 models now for these real led sneakers, from the official store. Unisex LED sole sneakers, for men, women, children (boys, girls, or babies)!  Rechargeable by USB, 7 LED colors and several operating modes. Autonomy of 12 hours, the best longevity on the market.

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