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Led Light-Up Tee Shirts


Heart Jacking, leader brand in LED Clothing since 2007, is delighted to show its new range of interactive sound activated light-up t-shirts and programmable LED tee-shirts. These garments are 2 different types of light up tee-shirts.

The first has an interactive logo in led fiber (fiber optics), which lights up to the rhythm of the music. The ideal gift for yourself or for a DJ.

The second type of LED t-shirt has a programmable LCD screen. Display the message of your wishes, or even emojis! We have equipped our LED message t-shirts with an impressive choice of characters and signs.

Interactive electroluminescent LED t-shirts that light up to the rhythm of the music, or light-up t-shirts with LCD screen, on which you can write the message of your choice. Yes, the future is now! "Literally shine from head to toe", the slogan of the Heart Jacking clothing brand.

Equalizer interactive LED tee-shirt: lights up to music

The Equalizer light-up t-shirt is a great concept. Indeed, the garment lights up and reacts to the rhythm of the music thanks to its mini sound sensor. Music, ambient noise, handclaps, and even tap dancing why not, the tee-shirt lights up and shines.

The clothing brand Heart JacKing is the inventor of the light-up t-shirt for ready-to-wear, and holds the exclusive license for the LED t-shirt in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg. Many partnerships have allowed the brand to be able to offer today a very large choice of designs : Yoda, Iron man, Superman, Disney, Tomorrowland are just examples among many others. Discover all of them below.

Heart Jacking, a brand created in France but now also established in the USA, Spain and all over the world, is worn by the greatest artists from music (singers and DJs), to cinema. To name just 3 of them : DJ Snake, Orelsan, Alem (beatbox world champion).

This sound activated LED T-shirt is ideal for DJs

Behind his turntables, the DJ sometimes feels little promoted, not seen at his fair value, compared to the crazy atmosphere he manages to put on during the party, or in the club. Heart jacking has created the Interactive Led Fiber light up t-shirt to change the game and put you under the spotlight.

The mini microphone built into the t-shirt allows it to become light-up, and sound activated. Right at the intersection of Fashion and High Tech, the animated LED t-shirt can be machine washed very easily. All the electronics are detached to avoid any dysfunctions.

Our latest innovations have enabled double animation on each LED fiber optic t-shirt. We are the only ones to offer this. The light-up LED t-shirt is 100% cotton, fits perfectly :take your usual size. The tee-shirt requires 2 small AAA batteries, which you can find in any store.

Your personalized LED light-up tee-shirt ?

We work with designers who have over 10 years of experience in the LED and optic fiber business. We are now able to offer personalized LED t-shirts individually. We are the only ones in the world to offer this!

We can also customize large-scale light-up interactive tee-shirts, as we have already done for many customers from all ecosystems : Honda, Moët Et Chandon champagne (LVMH group), XBOX...

Become remarkable at concerts, raves, clubs  or festivals. And also at fairs and seminars. How? With your personalized sound activated LED t-shirt, adorned with your or your company's name. Adorned with your favorite logo or design.

Programmable LED T-shirt

Truly one of a kind, the programmable led message t-shirt allows you to write personalized scrolling texts. Our light-up LED message t-shirts with LCD screen are real objects of communication, and a good alternative to the classic flocked t-shirts.

Many big companies (as well as smaller ones) trust us us by betting on the programmable light up LED t-shirt Audi, Nissan, Orange, to name but a few.

 LED Message tee-shirt: features

Premium article, this LED T-shirt with LCD screen can contain 8 messages of 512 characters each. Symbols, emojis and special characters can also be inserted on the LED screen of this light-up tee-shirt, in addition to the usual letters: smileys, hearts, stars... Heart Jacking has made sure to develop a light-up t-shirt with never-seen-before features, using high quality materials, as well as the largest memory on the market.

Choose from 8 LED colors for your programmable light-up t-shirt: blue, red, green, white, pink, multicolored, orange, yellow … 

For those of us who might be slightly apprehensive about whether or not it would be difficult to schedule your message, don't worry: it's as easy as writing a text message on your mobile. Anyway, instructions will be sent to you, just in case.

Led T-shirt with animated message: aesthetic and useful

The programmable animated led t-shirt allows you to broadcast your favorite personal messages. Our customers, professionals and individuals, are all very satisfied, see some testimonies on the product pages.

Individuals will appreciate it as a gift for themselves or to someone else, on an occasion such as Valentine's Day, for a concert, a LED or fluorescent evening in a club, a festival, a rave...

Business managers and marketing departments will love the innovative and up-to-date image these animated programmable t-shirts provide. For example the Orange company has chosen our t-shirts with orange LCD screen for a seminar ; the Sony Megastore in Paris, has chosen to order 1 piece of each LED color for a show.

The LCD diodes of the programmable message led tee-shirt were chosen for their power, and because they are perfectly visible even in broad daylight. This led t-shirt , 100% cotton, goes in the washing machine without any problem, since the LCD screen can be removed very simply. As Heart Jacking is first and foremost a clothing brand, we have of course also been very conscientious when it came to define the sizes of our light up t-shirts. So choose your usual size.

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