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Light Up Gloves

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Gant led Jacking Heart

HJK you to its original models of gloves with leds! They include RGB LEDs of 3 colors: red, green, and blue. Thus, mixing, this makes possible the realization of any other color!

One size fits all, this glove fits led to any size hand, large or small. Our glove is worn very easily led, and is comfortable.

Shipped in pairs, these LED gloves will become mandatory in the most extraordinary evenings.

Gant led: animations

Gadget dreamed to perfect dance costume, the gloves have led six animation capabilities, as our electro luminescent laces:
- A function of continuous illumination of each color,
- A rapid method of lighting,
- A slow fade
- And a flash of each color alone.

The mini button that toggles between the Operating Condition to another is housed in the glove LED.

Light Up Gloves 55 (25 avis)

LED light gloves Brand Jacking Heart. Black cloth, colored RGB LEDs.

LED light gloves Brand Jacking Heart. Black cloth, colored RGB LEDs.

Pair of white dress gloves, equipped with diodes LEDs of all colors! Ignite evening!

For anyone who enjoys fishing and good things in life, this mitt is for you. Equipped with a LED light source.

Discounts at the last style in the 90s by punks with flashy colors, the straps are always much talk about them.

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