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H4CBD: Powerful and Legal Alternative to HHC and THC in Europe & Woldwide

At Heart Jacking, we are delighted to introduce you to H4CBD, also known as hydrogenated CBD, which, along with its psychoactive counterparts, THCP, THCV, HHCPO, and THCPO, serves as the legal alternative to HHC and THC in France, the EU, and most countries around the world.

H4CBD: The Future of Therapeutic Cannabis

The discovery of new molecules in the field of cannabis and more specifically cannabidiol (CBD) opens up new possibilities for health benefits. Among these new molecules, H4CBD or H4-CBD stands out as a promising substitute for HHC, an improved version of THC that has been made illegal in some countries.

H4CBD: Effects & Benefits

Unlike HHC and THC, H4CBD offers the benefits of CBD, but much more potent, and without the negative effects that some may experience. H4CBD is a molecule similar to CBD in many aspects, with the absence of psychoactive effects like in THC. It thus provides an interesting alternative for consumers seeking the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without "high" and without side effects.

H4CBD offers many similar benefits to CBD and THC in certain aspects. According to our customers, H4-CBD reduces anxiety and stress, improves sleep quality, and regulates the circadian rhythm.

Furthermore, H4CBD is therapeutic, as it relieves pain, fights inflammation, and supports the immune system. Its use also promotes a general sense of well-being.

The Power of H4CBD

H4CBD is a cannabinoid that stands out due to its specific chemical composition. It is a CBD molecule with 4 extra hydrogen atoms (the famous "H4" before "CBD"). This is a well-known process called hydrogenation. This method enhances the efficiency of CBD without adding harmful effects to health, as hydrogen is naturally present on Earth and is the major component of the water molecule.

The hydrogenation of CBD into H4CBD alters the three-dimensional structure of the molecule. Although the mechanism is not yet fully understood, it seems that this new form allows hydrogenated CBD to have a greater affinity for the CB1 receptors in the brain, which are responsible for the beneficial effects of cannabis. There is no difference in binding to CB2 receptors, which are responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. H4CBD is also better absorbed and distributed in the body, making it a boosted CBD.

Although research on the therapeutic effects of H4CBD is still relatively new, initial results suggest that its anti-inflammatory capacity surpasses that of standard CBD.

Quality H4CBD at Heart Jacking

At Heart Jacking, we offer you a wide variety of H4CBD products sourced from cannabis grown in France. Our hemp plants, of the Cannabis sativa variety, are selected to provide a high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) and a THC content of less than 0.2%.

The hydrogenation process of CBD in our laboratories guarantees you products of high purity. Whether in the form of moonrocks, flowers, resins, trim, and others, our H4CBD is rigorously tested and selected for its qualities in content, potency, aroma, taste, and aesthetics.

Discover Our H4CBD Flowers and Resins

Discover the H4CBD flower, a true wellness gem. It can relieve chronic pain, relax muscles, and reduce inflammation. The consumption of H4-CBD flowers also helps alleviate stress and anxiety, and promote sleep.

Our H4CBD resins stand out for their high concentration of cannabidiol. Experienced CBD users and people suffering from various ailments will be particularly drawn to this new, more intense and long-lasting cannabinoid.

We are confident that consuming our products provides an unparalleled experience and remarkable results. Our customers testify to this! Step into the Future of cannabis! Order now and experience a revolution in the world of CBD.

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