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Led Shoelaces


Led Shoelaces, Creativity Available

Heart JacKing brings you the brand new trendy idea, led shoelaces made with an innovative optical fiber. It's about trendy accessories at the cutting edge of technology. These led shoelaces will bring creativity to your shoes for any occasion such as nights or to give pep to a sober outfit. An innovation that goes with all kinds of shoes. You can use led laces for other uses: bracelet, bag decoration... Give style to your accessories!

The light-up led shoelaces are easy to put on, just put them on as usual and slide the mini button below the tab. You have three brightness positions (fast flashing, slow flashing and continuous lighting).

Led Shoelaces: Following Features

To satisfy you, we provide you with different colors. These neon led laces, easy to use, stand out in the night and bring a swagg madness. They measure 80 centimeters. You can cut them to adjust them to your liking. These are quality fluorescent led shoelaces that are bendable and water resistant. You can wash them easily. Finally, they work with a mini battery included. Thereafter, when it wears out, you can restock in any trade, the pile model being standard.


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