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The origins of the clothing brand Jacking Heart




In 2006, during a trip to the U.S. to find new inspiration, Alexander Head remark in a bar of neon signs lit up in the rhythm of music.


The young graduate of a master's degree in marketing then returns with him to the plate and yet complex matter secret, which is rumored created based optical fiber.


Following this experience, he decided to make this material emitting the specialty of the clothing brand Heart jacking, which was already positioned fashion and technology.


Indeed, Jacking Heart was already represented by innovative creations, like the now classic polo Engineering, whose impressions fluorescent react to black light. Heart and Jacking is the inventor of brand t-shirt equalizer lights for ready to wear.


Jacking Heart, a brand mixing fashion and technology, of course, but why this name?

Heart jacking is composed of the words "heart", English translation of the heart, and "jacking", meaning "away, fly" in English.


The report with the "car jacking" (The car jacking is a car theft with violence or threats of the vehicle) used to establish the significance of the mark: the diversiona heart already.

The name of Heart Jacking was chosen for its ambiguity: both romantic and sweet (the heart) and both violent and hard (jacking).


This ambiguity and complexity is reminiscent of the good or muvaises emotions that can feel a heart. The engaging concept being launched, Heart Jacking day after day can count on the support of new celebrities:


-Music: David Guetta (DJ and producer), Big Ali (TM), Magic System (Group), Helmut Fritz (Singer), Ocean Drive (Group), Mokobé, Rim K and Manu Key of 113 (MC and group), Cut Killer (DJ), Disco Bitch (Singer) Eve Angeli (singer), Jay Style (DJ), and Max Torres DJ Assad Fun Radio (DJ), DJ Unk (DJ), DJ Snake (DJ), Alem ( Human Beatbox (vice champion of France beatbox) ...


-Sports: Matthias Dandois (world champion BMX flatland), Chloe Seyrès (world champion in slalom and skating style), Alexander Jumelin (Vice world champion BMX flatland), Nicolas Didry (coach of the France team snowboarding), Bruce Rulfo (Vice world champion snowscoot third Le Mans 24 Hours endurance motorcycle), Nono (Breakdance) ...


-Starring: Bruno Solo (DELETED), Jesse Spencer (House MD) ...