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Lifestyle Heart Jacking

Historically, but especially in our current society, appearance is essential, and allows you to make a first judgment on a person. Never have clothes explained who we really are so much.

Heart JacKing clothing represents who we are, our values, YOUR values. At Heart Jacking, we believe that our leadership position gives us the opportunity, I would even say the duty, to contribute to a better world.

By wearing the Heart JacKing brand, you spread the lifestyle that is dear to you around you: to your loved ones, to people who will meet you in the street, in a club, or elsewhere!

These same people themselves go from thread to needle (perfect expression for our profession) disseminate these values to others, and so on.

Our Values:

These values ​​are simple, but are so important to us. In each new material that we select, in each new garment that we sew, in each new silhouette that we arrange, we campaign: p>

- FOR MORE COLORS: through their flashy colors, Heart Jacking clothes impose their difference compared to the usual colors and sad: black, white… We want a world that is nourished and inspired by its differences, where no color is set aside or condemned. And we're not just talking about clothing, but about men and women too.

Let'ssee life a little more in pink, and a little less in grey!

- FOR MORE CREATIVITY : Heart JacKing supports, and is supported by artists and projects which are out of the ordinary, which move things in the right direction, which demonstrate creativity.

Originality and Innovation: key words at Heart Jacking.

- FOR MORE FUN: have fun, enjoy,live and do everything fully and intensely, take all there is to take in every place and every moment. Life is too short to be wasted and to let time pass.

Life is party, let's make the most of it!

Thank you again, because by adhering to our common values ​​and our lifestyle, more and more of you are supporting us, day after day, creation after creation...