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THC-JD: The Newcomer and Most Potent of Cannabinoids

The THC-JD, a revolutionary discovery of 2020, is distinguished by its unique molecular structure, marked by an eight-atom alkyl side chain.

This configuration gives it remarkable efficacy, far surpassing that of THC and, of course, CBD, which are limited to a five-carbon chain, asserting a lower bioavailability than THCJD.

The THC-JD, or tetrahydrocannabioctyl, represents a significant breakthrough in the study of cannabinoids, offering unprecedented perspectives for medical research and understanding of the interactions between cannabis compounds and our endocannabinoid system.

Impacts and Potential of THCJD

THCJD provides a unique experience, marked by intense relaxation and profound well-being. "High", euphoria, and creativity are also part of the package. Initial scientific studies reveal that this cannabinoid could be up to 25 times more effective than THC, thus opening new avenues for specific medical treatments.


The main distinction between THCJD and THC lies in the length of their alkyl side chain, with THC-JD having an eight-atom chain, giving it a higher bioavailability and thus a much greater potency. This difference highlights the diversity and richness of cannabinoids, explaining why THCPO, THCP, THCV, HHC, HHCPO, CBD, H4CBD, and other molecules are being studied by Medicine.

Effects of THC-JD: Happiness, Relaxation, Euphoria, Creativity... High!

The THC-JD significantly affects the endocannabinoid system, leading to deep relaxation. This effect is particularly appreciated by those looking for an effective way to disconnect from daily life.

The THCJD is also recognized for its ability to provide mental and physical relief. This legal yet highly psychoactive cannabis can play a crucial role in pain and anxiety management, helping individuals to find balance and serenity in their lives. By inducing a state of relaxation, the THC-JD promotes a harmony between body and mind, essential for overall well-being.

But the benefits of THC-JD do not stop there. According to our customers, the euphoria, the high, in short, the psychotropic experience provided by THCJD, is often described as being more intense than that felt with other cannabinoids. This characteristic makes it a popular option for those seeking a deeper and more enriching experience.

Products Based on THC-JD

A wide range of cannabis flowers, resins / hash, moon-rocks, trim, and other THC-JD products is now available at your "dealer of joy", Heart Jacking! Although legal in France, the European Union, and the vast majority of the globe with a THC content not exceeding 0.2%, it's essential to adopt a responsible consumption of these products, due to their high psychoactive potency.

THCJD: The Latest Promising Newcomer

The emergence of THC-JD marks an exciting stage for cannabis enthusiasts like us, as this cannabis provides new experiences and optimism regarding medicinal benefits, both physically and mentally. Find our entire THC-JD range below!

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