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Tube Light

A light tube light convertible strap through small adapters included!

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Amount of fluorescent bracelets

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Light tube: atmosphere!


At night, this light tube of high quality will create a great atmosphere in the room, and certainly amaze your visitors. And with only a few €! There are many ways to use these tubes, which come by the end caps are removable: jewelry, necklaces, Touilleurs, table decoration, decorative accessories ... The light disclosed by the light tube is the result of chemical interaction. With a size of 20 inches, this tube is phosphorescent, fluorescent between 8 to 12 hours when activated by a fold. If you buy several tubes, a variety of different colors will be sent.



The light tubes are clean


Our light tubes have been successfully tested by the various European laws, and especially at the dietary ratio. They are nontoxic and safe. However, do not give to children who are younger than 3 years. If they would start to leak and a loss would fall on your business, wash with water naturally. They also have the advantage of not degrading the globe and can therefore be disposed of garbage chute.

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Tube Light

Tube Light

A light tube light convertible strap through small adapters included!

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