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Glow stick

Another idea of the evening with this bracelet / neon stick.

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Fluorescent sticks: the top evening!


At dusk, our quality will stick an amazing atmosphere inside the room, and surprise every time your visitors. And all this with only a few €! There are many ways to use our fluorescent sticks, delivered through nozzles that are removable jewelry, Touilleurs ... The light scattered by the stick glow is the result of a chemical process. Measuring 20 cm, our fluorescent sticks last from 8 to 12 hours once activated by a fold. If you buy more than one stick, a range of several fluorescent colors will be delivered.



Here are the rules and explanations on the stick fluorescent

Our LED sticks were tested positively by the various French and European rules, and particularly at the food. These fluorescent rods are not toxic and safe. Still, do not let the little ones under 3 years. If the stick had to be cut and that a leak would appear on your clothes, wash the sink naturally. It also has neon stick the advantage of being non-polluting and can be rid from the trash.

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Glow stick

Glow stick

Another idea of the evening with this bracelet / neon stick.

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