Bright stick

A fluorescent band that will entertain young and old. The glow stick is available for purchase either individually or in bulk.

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3,91 € tax incl.

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Glowstick available in lots of different size


At dusk, these high quality glow sticks will create an incredible atmosphere inside the room, and amaze every time your guests! There are many ways to use these sticks, provided that by the end caps are removable bracelets, fashion accessories, table decorations ... Disclosed by the light stick light is the result of a chemical interaction. Measuring 20 centimeters, stick shines between 8-12pm when he was engaged by a fold. In the event would order different glow sticks, a selection of different colors will be sent.



Instructions about the glowstick


Our bats were positively verified by the various European laws, and especially at food. They are not toxic and are safe. However, do not fall into the hands of children under three years. If the glow stick should leak on your clothes, wash naturally tap. This stick has also the advantage of being non-polluting and can therefore be cast into the rubbish chute.

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