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Bright stick

A light stick that will surprise you in many colors and quantity.

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3,01 €

Quantity of fluorescent bracelets

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Stick light: for the top nightclubs!


At night, these light sticks produce a high quality amazing atmosphere in your party, and certainly amaze your customers. And for just a few €! There is a significant amount of techniques for using our stick, with the fixings provided which are detachable: mixers, table decoration, decorative accessories ... The luminescence produced by the light stick is the result of a chemical consequence. With a size of 20 cm, the stick is fluorescent between 8-12h after being activated by bending. In case you want different light sticks, a mix of several shades will be sent.



Few precautions with the light stick


The sticks are checked positively by various European and French laws, and specifically in relation to food contact. The light sticks are not toxic. However, do not give children under 3 years. If these sticks were to be incised and a leak flows over your clothes, simply clean the faucet. the light stick has also the advantage of being non-polluter and can be swung in the trash.

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Bright stick

Bright stick

A light stick that will surprise you in many colors and quantity.

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