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Glow Bracelets Glow

What better than a bright fluorescent band to liven up your evenings!

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Glow bracelets: ideal evening!


At night, these glow bracelets of very good quality, will give a special atmosphere in the room, and amaze every time your visitors. And all this with only a few euros! There are many methods for using these bracelets, thanks to the tips provided are detachable: bracelets, necklaces, Touilleurs, table decoration, decorative accessories ... The light emitted by the bracelet is the result of a chemical reaction. With a size of eight inches, this bracelet is bright and neon between 8 to 12 hours when it was activated by a twist. Once you are purchasing several glow bracelets, a palette of different colors will be sent.



Glow bracelets: laws and advice


Our fluorescent glow bracelets were tested with affirmative response by the many European laws, and specifically in relation to food contact. These glow bracelets are non-toxic and safe. However, do not let children under 3 years. If the band had to flee on your clothing, simply rinse with water. The bright band is also fortunate not to pollute and can be thrown in the trash classic.

Vraiment lumineux

et ça chauffe pas! donc ravie de ma commande

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    Glow Bracelets Glow

    Glow Bracelets Glow

    What better than a bright fluorescent band to liven up your evenings!

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