A Liquid Smoke

Liquid smoke is an accessory to the fogger. When you start the machine, the liquid smoke quickly turns into smoke and creates rustic effects.

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The liquid smoke: quality product

Our liquid smoke is made ​​in European countries. The liquid smoke is a non-toxic product because it is made ​​from natural plants. The manufacture of liquid smoke is wholly consistent with the REACH directive. The liquid smoke diffuse low odor, so you can use it inside. As a precaution, do not forget to provide a ventilation outlet during use.

The liquid smoke: economic size

If you do not use the smoke machine for exceptional occasions, the liquid smoke with a capacity of one liter is more than enough. Also remember to close the bottle, because the smoke liquid evaporates. Although the liquid smoke is not harmful to health, avoid keep away from children. For more frequent use, we recommend you format the liquid smoke 5L.

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