Varnish Neon Blue Pearl

You can do most of your faded nails? Become brilliant with stunning pearlescent paint in vogue! Gracious to the fingertips with pearl varnish HeartJacKing! Incredible hands even during the holidays with the pearly polish!

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Nail Pearl: Hands Trends!

You are small tunic, in high heels, wearing well ... However, you miss something. You do not know how to make your outfit unique evening? Our pearlescent paint is made ​​to help you! In daylight, it gives you a pearly polish swagg style and in the evening when the lights are off, you illuminate the night club with your fingers through the pearly varnish. Imagine that you are looking for a trendy colors, pearly polish you HJK this store will make you crack! With the new pearlescent paint on your nails, stay connected always hit your favorite girl! Kate Moss has already long, do not hesitate, buy now your own pearly polish!


Nail Pearl: Night Enraged!

A crazy night for? Or simply annoyed to go unnoticed in the evening (during consolidation, rave, etc.).? Keep in mind those pearly polish! Your marketplace apparel clubbing, Heart-JacKing, launches its collection of crazy makeup (pearlescent paint, fluorescent paint, cracked varnish, ...)! In the evening, you will be inevitablethrough the singularities of pearl varnish. Receptions in the hole invisible woman fashion! This pearl varnish will lead straightforwardly to the front of the stage! Think rendering, decked our pearly polish on your photos out ... You can not do it? Go watch the video for Chris Brown, "Turn Up The Music" and take in the eyes, be shocked! Fluo whatever your location for some crazy! Select as soon as possible your pearly varnish.


Instructions for use: for your head, use the make up light . For the body, choose a body color . Finally, for your fingers, coating phospho .

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