Bright Neon Tank

Make a statement in nightclub! The tank fluorescent LED that offers customization HeartJacKing your shop right now, will result in the "Ooh! Aah! "Surprise! Addicts of fashion and innovation, you are interested to longshoremen fluorescent emitting! The fluorescent optical fiber tank for memorable moments!

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229,99 € tax incl.

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Tank Neon LED: Light And Magic!

Representation, reception, or other unusual fiestas ... If you intend detonate your world, neon tank top LED Heart Jacking is designed for you! The textile fiber electro luminescent which is paramount in the design of your tank fluorescent optical fiber is used in the same way to any textile. It thus allows us to design your neon tank stage lighting, your unique costume!

Our celebrities appreciate what are you waiting? Our electroluminescent neon tank is now purchasable on! Adorned with your neon tank to LEDs, you will feel! We confirm that your family decide to ask you questions about your new neon tank top! If you want a dud light and trendy, our neon tank tops enlightening Heart JacKing satisfy your desires!

Bright Neon Tank For Events Sensational!

You are part of a business vent, you are the manager of a nightclub? You want a neon tank top with fiber optic for target be remembered? No more searching, your custom marketplace HeartJacKing lets you chooselow rates the best range of luminescent neon tank tops, equipped with the new technology in LED! An interesting innovation for your unique evening: a bright neon tank Heart Jacking! HJK bright!

LED Neon Tank: More information

Observe the alternative options within a little higher on this page article 9 colors texture, variety of colors of LEDs (white, blue, green or red) and several sizes are available! You will receive a blow fashion neon tank. A multitude of associations is possible! Bring stupor when you want. With its mini push button discreet and invisible from the outside, you tame the light process put in our tanks emitting fluorescent.

Once the bright neon tank is in your wardrobe, wear it with finesse! The mini battery 3A (normal batteries, findable in any regular supermarket) come with our neon tank top trend. They give an average of thirty hours of walking. This is more than enough, since the light is ideal evening or strong light. The high-tech machine will not diffuse hot fumes, no overheating problem. If necessary, be careful to fold the LED of the tankfluorescent in the declination of the fabric to banish failures. Under no circumstances get your neon tank to iron. Emitting fluorescent tank tops are cleaned by hand with ease: clean with a cloth dampened due to detachment of the electrical process.

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