Daft Punk Helmet Light Equalizer

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This mask is led undoubtedly the most developed of the range. It is a bright helmet inspired by Daft Punk, hence its name: Daft Punk helmet.

Detailed Description

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Color Helmet Daft Punk

Daft Punk helmet made ​​by Heart Jacking


Presentation of their own Daft Punk helmet

Imagine the group Daft Punk, without their helmets! The motorcycle helmet Daft Punk has become a reference as well as Daft Punk Tron helmet, which follows the current fashion. We find the replica of the helmet light in the largest U.S. nightclubs. Led technology gives the helmet a futuristic Daft Punk popular. This Daft Punk helmet has already been unanimous among fans of the brand.


Blue, Daft Punk helmet that has a form fitting so as not to move. This allows the helmet to hold when you are moving. It is made of ABS plastic, phosphorus, fiber optics, and electronics.


From design to operation of this helmet

Daft Punk helmet light is connected to a sound box. Its housing contains a sound sensor that defines power. The headset reacts to music and vibrates to the beat of her! This helmet light equalizer works with a lot of conventional batteries, found anywhere commercially. To turn the headset Daft Punk, an on / off button is placed on each box. A dial adjusts its sensitivity. Just after your order, an email will be asked to turn your head, so it is personalized and the best fit possible.


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