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Bottle Label: Bright Red Army

Bottle Label Light brand Red Army.

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etiquette lumineuse personnalisée

Bottle label Bright Red Army


Heart jacking, Light Bottle Label Creator

Heart Jacking model created for you a light bottle label.

Based on the same system as his tee shirts equalizer lights, the label bottled Heart Jacking seduced by innovation and differentiation it offers.

Bottle labels are ideal for the manager of an establishment to decorate it and give it a likely side with the label bottle light, and also for alcohol brands in particular, always seeking to spread their message in an intelligent way, taking from behind the texts.

Moreover, note that the label of a bottle is created in close relationship with the brand to fit perfectly with his will and concept.


Bottle Label: Creation Steps

Here are the steps to get your personalized bottle label:
1) Contact us by mail to send us your project label bottle light, attaching a picture of this bottle label.
2) We create a design for future bottle label.
3) After approval by yourself of this label, we create an animated model, showing the impact that a bottle.
4) The fourth step is to create the sample from the bottle label light.
5) Finally, we introduce the total production of all custom bottle labels. Know that there is no minimum quantity, one piece of bottle label can be done!

This light bottle label was conceived for the bottles of the Red Army: http://www.armee-rouge.fr/ The bottle label can react to light music, this label or bottle can light s' 9 according to illuminate different animations possible.

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Bottle Label: Bright Red Army

Bottle Label: Bright Red Army

Bottle Label Light brand Red Army.

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