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Bright clothing


formulaire personnalisation casquette t-shirt

Want a t-shirt in bright single copy?

Heart Jacking light creates logos for all types of clothing: shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, caps ... Indeed, we can print custom logo or design you want, it becomes bright and responsive sound, or just screen printed, flex ... All customizations are possible!

The progress of your custom project:

1) You provide us with your customization project by completing the form: click the picture!

formulaire personnalisation casquette t-shirt

2) We review your request and will contact you if necessary.

3)We proposed a model of your customization, you confirm, and we create samples.

4) You turn on the samples.

5) Once done, we run the total production.

Receive your order up to 2 weeks after validation samples. To light your customization custom t-shirts, clothing, clothes, and also a classic customization (printed logo), we can take any pattern. Be aware that size does not matter, nor the number of colors or the number of illuminated areas, nor the shape of the cut, even for bright logos. Look at the few references that we have posted some customizations from over a thousand customers!

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