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Zentai Lycra Extraterrestrial

Heart Jacking released his latest Morphsuits, the zentai lycra.

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Zentai Lycra: New Range HJK

Our customers were asking for the coming of the garment, here finally: lycra zentai on! Probably you have already noticed these clothes sometimes called "Catsuit" in a famous reality TV program on one ... From the United States, our model zentai lycra conceals the entire body. However, this dress was actually made ​​to be able to drink, talk, see and breathe through of course, and without difficulty, and without that others have the ability to see your eyes!


Zentai Lycra From a Reference

Size Extra Small to Extra Extra Large, lycra zentai on is made ​​of nylon (91%) and elastane (9%), the same pattern that sticky. Check the box a little higher on this page, the company holds countless zentais lycra in order to suit everyone. No need to have a perfect body to wear a lycra zentai full. Indeed, smooth appearance, embellishes the body. This zentai lycra is perfect for occasions such as:

- Celebrations, especially during costume parties like Halloween or Mardi Gras, where zentai lycra is requested.

- Shows: zentai lycra that is occasionally dressed in outfits replacement mundane;

- Events of holdings: distribution of brochures, receiving prospects, CE etc..

Surprise your guests with zentai lycra, they will remember you!

- Other events: festival, bachelorette girl ...

Try this zentai lycra, you people!

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Zentai Lycra Extraterrestrial

Zentai Lycra Extraterrestrial

Heart Jacking released his latest Morphsuits, the zentai lycra.

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