Black sneaker

On sunny days arrive, but have you thought about the black sneaker Heart Jacking! Opt for the latest unique range of black sneaker super on top of the fashion! The black sneaker, difficult not to be by the sea!

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Black Sneaker: Pumps Vital!

The black sneaker is the lightest and trendy shoe range. With the approach of summer, renewing the count with the return of spring. This product, comfortable to wear and very affordable, recently adorned with reliefs and patterns. The black sneaker chaussera both girls and boys! According to unimpeachable sources, the black sneaker is from Spain and she was clothed in the thirteenth century by the king's army. The term espadrille is the result of "esparto", a kind of rope that is flattered with the aim of making the soles of black sneakers. On French territory, this shoe was probably produced within the Basque lands during the eighteenth century by artists from hemp. But its use has become more common during the 1800s. The fabric we used was originally linen, which was subsequently renewed with high cotton various colors.

Sneaker noireHeart Jacking, A Top Pick!

By bringing virtuosity and street-art this pair of black sneaker unfolds with a mini grooming to upset our routines and being in the modern mind. Our company wanted to save both the Southern stylethe pair of black sneaker associated with the constant innovation of our business and that can be found on all stamped HJK objects. Integrating its synthetic sole upscale and cloth 100% cotton, this pair of black sneaker will surely not go unnoticed.


The Black Sneaker, Custom Sizes

With his stuff and his sole artisan, the black sneaker is this typical Basque style with a variety of warm tones. Crafted in the south, our black sneaker will follow you everywhere and will last many years due to its design worked. Controllable size 36 to 46. Our black sneakers are available in many colors so that anyone can put his perfect black sneaker. On cleaning our black sneakers wash machine without any constraint

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