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Ephemera Jewelry: Henna Collection

Here is an exclusive global ephemeral jewelry 24k gold.

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Ephemeral gold jewelry collection henna


Name of this jewelry collection ephemeral: Number of henna ephemeral gold jewelry by board: 8 (see photo).


For that price, receive eight ephemeral jewelry

Click on the image for a larger picture of ephemeral jewelry! Indeed, a co-branding between jacking and DeLafée Heart (Swiss company specializing in luxury gold) was born a collection of 24 karat gold jewelry ephemeral!

The ephemeral jewels are made ​​of real 24 carat gold, and the best cosmetic ingredients.


The jewelry created ephemeral broadcast their brilliance on edge and are sure to attract attention.

These ephemeral jewels of extreme delicacy harmoniously follow all the contours and movements of your skin. The ephemeral gold jewelry Heart jacking / DeLafée applies easily to the body by a decal process.


Advice and explanations of attachment of your jewel ephemeral will be sent with your jewelry ephemeral. Applied as directed, the ephemeral jewel 24 carat gold will keep all its beauty andbrightness several days, since the ephemeral gold jewelry is water resistant.

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Ephemera Jewelry: Henna Collection

Ephemera Jewelry: Henna Collection

Here is an exclusive global ephemeral jewelry 24k gold.

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