Russian fur hat

Chagrined (e) flicker in the snow? Choose the Russian hat! A Russian hat to dress and face the snow! Finished waiting, get the original Russian hat before winter!

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En achetant ce produit vous pouvez gagner jusqu'à 3,00 € grâce à notre programme de fidélité. Votre panier totalisera 3,00 € qui pourront être convertis en bon de réduction.

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Russian fur hat HJK: In Details

Colori our Russian hat black, the Russian hat fabric: nylon and fur, Sizes: S, M, L  

Our designers have designed these copies of Russian hat by influencing all new styles of muses. The brand is honored to launch its latest range of Russian hat! A wide variety of Russian hat in stock, rest assured (e) to find the desired item. Check the top of this web page and choose the reference you want, we hold no doubt!


Russian fur hat: Protection from over!

The Russian hat is a head covering in a rabbit with fur earmuffs. Conversely to other caps, Russian fur hats are adaptable as desired. The sides of the ears can be connected to each other below the chin or the crown of the hat, with the target to protect your mouth. This Russian hat is characterized as a traditional access quite popular in Moscowin Western Europe and Canada. In these places marked by a difficult climate protection with a Russian hat is advised. Therefore, taking into account exponentially extreme winters of recent times, this is a chance that Russian hat finally reaches home! A Russian hat is a special "cold season" section is worshiped for his first blessing: unbeatable shell to dress in winter. However, time has passed and the Russian hat is adjusted to world trends, and by changing its shape, shades, his drawings, his fur. This Russian hat has managed to fascinate the peoples of the world and crown them with dignity!


Russian fur hat: Stylish Even In Winter!

The Russian hat precisely what inherently a dud trend that can address the gusts. Vêtissez you so trendy with our Russian hat HJK! Otherwise known as cap or toque Moscow Moscow, the Russian hat give a touch of sophistication to any adornments in the far north. The fabric of our Russian hat is fluffy and comfortable: give you the opportunity to êbe mesmerized by the bubble of benefits that will bring Russian hat. In short, the party stuff remains protected against water, you will be armed (e) against the rain. It has never been so much fun to run and sing when it rains!

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