Opaque Leggings

Our fashionistas hoped, Heart Jacking did! More comfortable than the last opaque leggings fashion is now in stock in your shop custom Heart Jacking! Molding, the opaque leggings denim-marry your natural curve, girls, for an exceptional effect! Do not miss it, your pair of opaque leggings is ready to be shipped to you!

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Opaque leggings Jean Grey

Plum, canary or lavender for more fashion, lace, voile or bi-material for others, opaque leggings comes in all genres. The opaque leggings jeans is kind in all your guards dress girls! Discreet, down to the calves or more light up your ankles, opaque leggings jean is a dud in the essential mode allows more cozy place micro-shorts, a short skirt or tunic (-18 ) degrees in the cold winter! The opaque leggings offers a choice in short, the most flirtatious, daring an attractive alternative because fabulously slinky, the usual pants.


Opaque leggings Fashion HJK

To oblivion opaque leggings gloomy unpleasant materials! Let yourself be carried away by the change. Give color to your wardrobe and renew your timeless! HJK you are pleased with, now, a selection of innovative customs opaque leggings! Heart Jacking just received his new collection: a wide choice of different colors from opaque leggings (leggings opaque aubergine, blue or orange opaque leggings), various drawings (opaque leggings effect wetopaque leggings leopard or ultimately opaque leggings with the flag of Great Britain) and different materials (opaque leggings lycra or nylon)! Ranging from Xsmall to Large, please, be the precursory paraded in the latest trend opaque leggings Heart Jacking! Our opaque leggings are 72cm to crotch. About the photo has a height of 173 centimeters and 38 door.

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