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# Counterfeit: Beware of some sites displaying incredibly low prices

Like any great brand of clothing, Heart jacking is a victim of counterfeiting. Some sites, Chinese or not:

- Font of counterfeiting with the concept and designs Jacking Heart: Heart jacking is the inventor of the t shirt equalizer for ready to wear. The models are the property of Heart jacking.

- Sell at incredibly low prices. Do not be fooled, the quality will not be the same (if one day you receive your package, some sites do not even engaged)! Without going to extremes, be wary of sites offering unusually low prices (less than 20eur t-shirt), the site may be trying to entice you to get your bank details.

- Sell products that are not (CE NF etc.), and represent a real danger (burns, explosions, allergies ...)

- Have the delivery times of up to more than 2months. Worse, if customs intercept the parcel, an investigation will be made against counterfeiting, Heart Jacking having made the necessary arrangements in this regard. The recipient is then considered a fence.

- Do not warrant the products and have no customer service, let alone located in France.

- Can not be contacted, either by mail or telephone.

# Why buy from us

Heart jacking is a recognized premium brand, supported by many stars of music, movies or sports, and carrying out projects for the most prestigious clients . However, each client is treated the same way, whether small orgreat, that he may live the best brand experience possible. We meet all expectations:

- Authentic, quality products (see comparison below on this page)
- Product Standards: All our products have CE and NF
- Guaranteed products
- Stock for fast delivery in France (colissimo 48H),
- VAS French contactable 7/7 by email or tel ...



# Comparison with equalizer t-shirt competition

Heart Jacking conducted a survey of a Chinese Wholesaler selling directly to France a large number of counterfeit items at incredibly low prices. The wholesaler sells counterfeit watches including LED Heart jacking, of youe shirts LED, LED belts, and fake t-shirt designs incorporating light Heart jacking. The bright t-shirts are available at the incredible price of 9 euros and a few cents, with free delivery, the package being sent from China! A t-shirt Heart Jacking costs more to manufacture anything!

Note the logo on the bottom left "reliable Chinese wholesalers," which is supposed to convince the customer. And note the parallel consumer opinion on some t-shirts. Skeptics, we order models Heart jacking, the mister DJ (or rather the model "and his music seen activated meters") to 9.78 euro including postage. We pay with a credit card valid code once, in case this site is created for the sole purpose of hacking the data bank.

After more than anything, no email confirmation, no order tracking, more news for a month, then 2.After .. a little over two months, we receive a package with astonishment from China. This is our famous t-shirt mister DJ counterfeit! While size is not what was ordered (L we wanted, we have received from S), t-shirt has indeed been sent, despite selling at a loss, illegal in France (the cheapest package China- France costing twenty Euros transport). We then analyze the t-shirt: counterfeiting is obvious! Here below the main comparisons found:


I / The Packaging



Package with a header Heart jacking, enhanced form with a cardboard pattern.




Low-end plastic packaging.

II / Logo



Heart Jacking classic logo. Rounded corners, not to hurt: it is a mandatory European safety standard.




The counterfeit logo: it lacks the C JOCKEY (see Heart Jacking true model: t-shirt DJ Mister DJ ). Although the district angles seems to have been planned (white tips), mimicking the manufacturer did not bother to trim the edges. Non-compliance with European safety standards. Surprisingly light plate, evidence of use of poor quality materials, and in smaller quantities (phosphorus, plastic,optical fiber).


III / Labels



Fabric labels:
- Label Brand Jacking Heart fabric, showing the imprint on the back (country of origin, material, logos washing and ironing etc.).
- Label size cloth underneath.

Labels box:
- Heart Jacking cardboard label stating the size, color, gender ... and European standards CE and ROHS are met.
- Certificate of authenticity with serial number, confirming that the t-shirt is an authentic Heart jacking.




Just a label size, sewn through. Note the absence of information on the CE, which is not met, the product is therefore illegal and dangerous

IV / The velcro on the T-Shirt



Velcro cut to the shape of the logo (the model here
Equalishirt Heartist ). Slot for the cable almost invisible.




2 strips of velcro sewn with negligence, with son beyond. Besides the slot that had been misplaced, which was stitched up again with neglect to remake one below. Also note the finish of the slot ...


V / The velcro on the logo



Velcro strips glued well around the logo. Reinforcement at the weakest part of the t-shirt: the brown plug.





A brown sheet not reinforced. 2 velcro strips of different sizes, stuck sideways, almost in the center of velcro! Of course, even better by sticking to the logo on the shirt, the logo is not plated.


VI / The case and the cable




A unit and a cable united, strong. The box can be stored in an inside pocket t-shirt, and the body is protected by a sheath of the cable around cotton.




6 son separated out of a box to say the least suspect. No inside pocket t-shirt, no jacket cotton protection for the cable.

Here is an overview rather comprehensivethough some points are not visible in photo, including:
- The color of the shirt, very dark at Heart jacking, at least this wholesaler
- The shape of the shirt, and made ​​close to the body at Heart jacking, much less cut and sought elsewhere
- The material of the shirt, cotton elastic at Heart Jacking with a heavy, cotton basic low weight at the wholesaler.
In summary, if you want a t-shirt for a disposable single evening, if you are not rushed at all to receive it, if you like the risk (hacking bank data, risks associated with counterfeiting), clothing Heart Jacking will not be best suited for you.
Otherwise, we will gladly help you in your projects, and hope very much that you will enjoy what we do for you!