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New Era cap size, cap size:

The size of the cap new era is by far the most important because if you measure your head circumference evil, the size of your cap new era will be false, and your cap new era will not fall properly.
To measure your head size (and therefore your hat size), you need a flexible meter (often used by seamstresses) then you imagine where to go get the edges of the cap and you take the measure of your turn head. You obtain your hat size in cm.
Now that you know your head size, you can go get into the serious stuff: Convert your height to inches cap size cap american. Here is the correspondence of sizefor new era caps with their equivalents in cm.
6.76 = 54.9 cm
7 = 55.8cm
7 1/4 = 57.7cm
7 3/8 = 58.7 cm
7 1/2 = 59.6 cm
7 5/8 = 60.6 cm
7 3/4 = 61.5 cm
7 7/8 = 63 cm
8 = 64 cm
So here now that you know how to choose your size cap new era, it remains only to provide information via the form to describe your custom hat .