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Heart Jacking finalized the implementation of its Sponsorship Program.

The principle is simple: You are the godfather. Heart Talk about jacking around you, show you with our clothes, and get points resulting in:

- Discounts for products Heart Jacking especially if you are
- Discounts for products or commissions on the sale if you are professional.


1) Join the program by contacting us at contact@heartjacking.com or 04 76 06 94 87. And 5 and win your first points just by registering!


2) A code to communicate with your referrals will be given. This code will allow us to identify when referrals come from you. This code entitles the one who returns to a reduction of about 2 euros, just enough for him to return the code.


3) Give your cards to your friends, those who are interested in Heart jacking. They become your downline.

4) Your referrals will enter your code on the Internet, we know they come from you. They earn price reductions (about 2 euros). As for you, you earn points. 5EUR spent by your godson: 1 point for you!

5) 5EUR spent by friends: 1 point earned!
10 points earned = 10eur reduction credited to our site!

To participate in this program, at contactus contact@heartjacking.com or 04 76 06 94 87. And so win your first 5 points just by registering!

This is the Private Sponsorship Program. If you are professional, contact us to learn about Sponsorship Program Professionals, a bit different.