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Conditions of Use and Disclaimer

1 - Application of Terms

2 - Orders

3 - Price

4 - Payment

5 - Selection of items

6 - Delivery

7 - Return

8 - Retention of title

9 - jurisdiction clause

10 - Computer Freedoms

Need accurate, contact us via mail: contact@heartjacking.com.

The seller is defined below as Heart jacking, whose headquarters is located at "Dode Street 30-32, 38500 VOIRON".
Company created 18 June 2009 with the Commercial Court of Grenoble under SIRET 513 913 459 0002 2 by Mr. HEAD and the buyer is defined below as the company or the person signing and agreeing to these terms and conditions.
The buyer acknowledges that the capacity to contract under the conditions described below. The buyer acknowledges having read these Terms and Conditions before placing the order.
/> The general conditions of sale apply exclusively to all sales made on company sites HEART JACKING, both on its own behalf and on behalf of his constituents. All other conditions engage the seller only after written confirmation from him. The mere fact of placing an order or accepting an offer from the seller includes the unconditional acceptance of these terms. Any condition not in accordance with our general terms that the buyer has made will be rejected unless we have expressly recognized the applicability in writing.
These general conditions are subject to change at any time without notice by the company JACKING HEART, the changes are applicable to all subsequent orders.

Article 2 - CONTROLS
The orders are effective from the date of receipt of payment. If, despite the vigilance of the seller he could not meet the delivery date specified, the purchaser may obtain rescission of the sale as provided in Articles L 114-1 and 121-20-3. It is then refunded if they wish, under the conditions of Article L 121-20-1.

Heart Jacking society undertakes to deliver the buyer as soon as possible, the parcel will be sent the same day or the next day, and the buyer will be delivered within 48-72H except in exceptional cases(Strikes the post office etc). Custom products and flocked (registered as such in their descriptions) may have a longer period, from 1 week to 15 days usually. Indeed, additional steps are needed to create. The buyer says to trust the seller in selecting the elements that did not define itself, such as a speckled background for a cap.
Any clause by the purchaser, not accepted in writing by the seller which would conflict with these terms or features defined in the quotation will be considered void. No order cancellation will be accepted without the agreement of the company JACKING HEART.

Article 3 - PRICE
The price list is not a seller vente.Elle can be changed unilaterally without prior notice before the purchase by the customer. The goods are invoiced at the agreed price within the option period and general economic conditions (taxes, exchange rates, ...), at the time of delivery.
All prices listed on the website of the seller are net in euro, including VAT, excluding shipping costs, which will be shown before registration of the order by the purchaser.
Prices may be subject to promotions, sales and other price reductions. Similarly, the sponsorship program may changethe price of the item. Compared with this sponsorship program, it is worth clarifying that the price of postage, caps, and orders made by the sponsor with its own codes are not included in the sponsorship program. Similarly, a condition of account creation Godfather is an order placed on this site worth 22eur minimum shipping not included. Finally, for professionals, a commission on sales is strictly two times smaller than a discount on products, for the same number of points.

Article 4 - PAYMENT
All orders are payable in Euros. Payment of the full price must be made when ordering by the purchaser. At no time, the payments can not be regarded as a deposit or deposits.
To set the order, the buyer has many possible means of payment: Credit Card, PayPal, check, bank draft, money order, cash, Western Union. Against the payments are not accepted.
The buyer guarantees HEART JACKING society that has the required permission to use the payment method he chose, upon registration of the order.
HEART JACKING society reserves the right to suspend or cancel any order and / or delivery, whatever their nature and level of performance, for non-payment of anysum payable by the purchaser or incident of payment.
HEART JACKING society reserves the right to request a photocopy of the identity card of the purchaser and / or proof of address for orders.
As part of the fight against Internet fraud, the information about your order may be checked for verification.

The buyer having examined the products and their characteristics, marketed by HEART JACKING has sole responsibility and according to their needs as they had previously laid before ordering, chosen to deploy the product subject to his order. In case of unavailability, and without questioning what is stated in Article 2 Heart Jacking may provide a good or service of equivalent quality and price. Return costs are then the responsibility of Heart Jacking.

Article 6 - DELIVERY
Products will be delivered to the address specified by the buyer on the purchase order.
To allow the buyer to ship the ordered products, the company works with Heart Jacking Post and its associated services (Chronopost, followed by letter, securexport, Postexport ...). Heart Jacking may decide to send the package by any means
that followed the Post offers, without modifying the information on the site. For example, Heart Jacking may decide to send a package instead of chronopost colissimo to have the package delivered on time, if time is too short. Should the buyer wish to send a specific form, or additional insurance, it may order placed upon them to the seller, who will then make the necessary arrangements.
The characteristics of the postal services that we selected are: the buyer is delivered to his home by his factor. In case of absence, or the postman leaves the package in the mailbox if the size is good, either the buyer or recipient of the item receives a calling card of his factor, allowing it to withdraw products ordered, the post office nearest you, for a period of fifteen days.
- PROBLEMS OF DELIVERY: The buyer must check in the presence of the post officer, the state of the packaging of the goods, its content and its operation upon delivery. In the event that the buyer would have any doubt of any kind whatsoever, he must:
- To apply the procedure Colissimo (including reporting damage, claims and reserves) and to reject the goods immediately by issuing a finding of fault with the servant of the Post (constat170). - To report these incidents to the addressNext contact@heartjacking.com within 7 days from the refusal of goods by the Purchaser, and by exposing such claims or reserves.
- PROBLEMS OF QUALITY OR FITNESS: If delivery of a product does not correspond to the order (defective or nonconforming), the purchaser must make its claim within 7 days of signing the slip distribution.
Claims must be submitted by mail to the following address: contact@heartjacking.com, from the email address registered on the site, and must include:
- The coordinates of the Buyer-order number-references relevant product-the grounds for the claim
The return procedure will then be communicated.
Products returned by the buyer must be within seven working days after the delivery date, or date of return authorization. According to law, can not be returned customized products and lingerie products, such as corsets or strings c .. All hats are custom, as a single character is given voluntarily, that's why we make them by hand using traditional methods. Regarding the custom caps, any customization of the back or bottom visor will be in the form of a tag.
Otherwise, society Heart Jacking not undertake anyexchange or credit for the products ordered.
Any product for exchange or credit must be returned to have the expense of the purchaser in its condition and original packaging and include all of the product and its accessories in a perfect condition for resale. Products must be returned in the appropriate letter followed if less product weight of 500g, or colissimo adapted to the weight of the products if the above 500g.
Failure to comply with the procedure outlined above and specified time, the buyer can not make any claim for non-compliance or defect of goods delivered, the products then being deemed compliant and free from defect.
- TERMS: The services of the Post Office that we have selected allow delivery within an average of 48 hours for France, and 96H for the rest of Europe from France.
The starting order is given by the company Jacking Heart after full payment is received the order. You will be notified by mail of your order is shipped, a tracking number will be provided.
In case your parcel will be delivered yet seven days after receipt of mail confirmation of shipment, the buyer must notify the company by mail JACKING HEART (contact@heartjacking.com), then take a survey post, in accordance with Article L.133-3 of the Commercial Code. In addition the buyeraccepts that the goods travel at the risk of the buyer regardless of the method of shipment. If compensation was paid to the carrier after such claim JACKING HEART, HEART JACKING the reverserait to the buyer. A survey of the POST may take up to 21 working days.

Article 7 - RETURNS
For any return, the customer must contact HEART JACKING within 7 days of receipt of the package, specifying name, order number, items he wishes to return. Indeed, certain items must be sent to different recipients. HEART JACKING will show you the return procedure, usually within 48 hours. JACKING HEART strives to keep you satisfied with your order.
If despite all precautions, an item does not suit you, you can exercise your right of withdrawal in accordance with the Law on confidence in the digital economy. You have a period of seven days, without having to justify your choice or pay anything other than the return shipping cost.

According to law, the transfer of ownership of goods delivered to the purchaser shall occur only after full payment of principal and accessory or check cashing or other accepted means of payment issued forRegulation of prices.
During the period between delivery and the transfer of ownership, the risk of loss, theft or destruction shall be borne by the purchaser. The failure by the buyer of its payment obligations, for any reason whatsoever , gives the seller the right to demand the immediate return of the goods delivered at the expense and risk of the buyer.

Article 9 - Devices and Freedoms
Accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access and modify any personal information you concernant.Toute information can be used by Heart Jacking for advertising purposes.

This contract is subject to French law. In case of dispute, the court of Grenoble (38) will have sole jurisdiction. This clause applies only to business customers.