Microfiber Boxer Red Man

Fashion leggings, microfiber boxer this man was selected by our team Heart Jacking in compliance with strict rules imposed by the brand product quality and innovative design.

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Microfiber Boxer Man: Movies Model

Our collection of microfiber boxers man with his Hollywood look mixing symbols of cinema as cinema ticket or filmstrip. The combination of spandex (8%) and polyester (92%) microfiber boxer man brings to a smooth and comfortable feeling unsurpassed. This microfiber boxer man, by its composition, takes time. A contoured fit and is made ​​perfect finish of this micro fiber boxer.



Details Microfiber Boxer For This Man

To ensure a perfect fit, screen printed belt which consists boxer man is doubled. 4 colors available for this microfiber boxer male (red, yellow, blue, pink). Size (from small to extra extra large) is to define top of this article. Clean microfibre boxer this man to 40 ° C machine.

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