Eyelid Makeup Kit Makeup 6 Colors Fluorescent

In the night, you will never have such a catchy and original with the eyelid makeup look. Ended outputs in invisible mode! Our eyelid makeup puts you at the top!

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Eyelid Makeup: Look Gorgeous!

Lights on your eyes with fantastic gadget HJK fashion: the fluorescent eyelid makeup! With our fluorescent eyelid makeup, your eyes will be splendid! This eyelid makeup includes six eyeshadows. Pencil fluorescent, fluorescent body paint, lipstick neon ... fashion is the eyelid up in neon HJK! For retro events, costume parties or outings nightclubs ... The fluorescent eyelid makeup seems like a great original product! Get now your eyelid neon makeup!

Gentlemen, the fluorescent eyelid makeup is not exclusively for girls! And yes, this eyelid makeup fluorescent proves to be a perfect alternative to body painting also provided in your e-commerce HJK.

Eyelid Makeup: Colorful Evening!

A crazy event for? Or just ras-le-bol to be part of the decor disco (during concerts, fiestas, etc.).? Find out eyelid makeup! The website undermines the LEDs, HeartJacKing reveals a choice of cool new products (fluorescent paint, neon jewelry, redto fluorescent and other lips)! Think swag of your outfit, army makeup eyelid! Memories pictures insanely original. Unthinkable? Watch the video of LMFAO, "Party Rock Anthem" and take full peepers. You will be amazed! The fluorescent in all directions for an unforgettable fiesta. Adopt your eyelid up pronto.

Instructions: For the head, use the neon blush http://www.heartjacking.com/fr/1315-soiree-fluo.html . For the bust, choose a body paint http://www.heartjacking.com/fr/1377-peinture-fluorescente-pour-corps.html . Complete your outfit by choosing a phosphorescent paint http://www.heartjacking.com/fr/1334-vernis-ongle-fluo-.html .

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