Original Apron Bright

Do not pass unnoticed (e) nightclub! The original Led apron, you advise our website custom HJK now draw exclamations of dismay! Junkies fashion and modernity, consider our original Led aprons! The original apron led to the glorious moments!

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En achetant ce produit vous pouvez gagner jusqu'à 28,00 € grâce à notre programme de fidélité. Votre panier totalisera 28,00 € qui pourront être convertis en bon de réduction.

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Apron Original Light On For high-tech Fools!

Wedding, show, or other special events ... If you intend to surprise the original apron led HJK is designed for you! The optical fiber fabric which is essential for the production of our original deck light. It thus allows us to imagine your original apron electroluminescent show your original deck LEDs!

Our personalities like, make it so! Our original apron electroluminescent is now available on heartjacking.com! Fringuée your original deck lighting, you will make heads turn! We confirm that your friends do not hesitate to ask you about your original apron! If you are looking for an original apron, the original deck LEDs HeartJacKing satisfy your desires!

Original Apron For A Service Magic!

You are part of a box call you taffez in the world of night? Are you looking for an original deck optical fiber in order that the people will remember you? No need to search, your website has custom HeartJacKing you discount its latest selection of apronsoriginal optical fiber equipped with the method bright! Precursory innovation for your themed events: our original apron leds HJK!

Apron Original Glow: Multitude Of Possibilities!

Select Preferences from the options above on the product page: 9 fabric colors (white, black, gold, silver etc ...), a wide variety of fiber optic colors (white, blue, green or red)! Then get this totally original apron swag, given the number of possible combinations! Engage the unlikely from the moment you wear it. With its small button hidden and invisible from the outside, you control the optical fiber technology embedded in the original deck optical fiber.

When the original deck is in your closet, maintain it with finesse! The LR03 (mini conventional batteries, sold in every supermarket usual) are included with our original aprons. They guarantee about thirty hours of walking. It is enough, because the electro luminescence is no surprises in the shadows or no significant exposure. The high-tech force does not cause fumes hot, so do not worry. If necessary, have the kindness to fold the led in the direction of the fabric,to ban failures. In no case the board. The original fiber aprons are cleaned by hand with no problem: wash with a slightly wet after separate battery original apron fabric.

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